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September 3, 2014

Statewide Business Community PAC Announces Fall Endorsements 

The North Carolina Chamber PAC has made its latest round of endorsements in select North Carolina legislative races for the November general election. The North Carolina Chamber PAC represents the statewide business community and supports state legislative candidates whose professional backgrounds and voting records demonstrate a commitment to preserving and enhancing a positive climate for business and job creation in North Carolina.

“These pro-jobs candidates understand the policies that enhance North Carolina’s business climate, improve our education and talent supply system, develop our infrastructure, and boost entrepreneurship and innovation,” said Lew Ebert, president and CEO of the North Carolina Chamber. “As a result of pro-growth policies advanced the last two years, businesses of all sizes that employ millions of North Carolinians can look to expand, spurring further business investments and job creation. However, there is work still to be done, and we know that we can count on these leaders to focus on policies that equip North Carolina to create 1 million new jobs over the next 15 years.”

This round of North Carolina Chamber PAC endorsements includes:

North Carolina Senate:
• Sen. Tom Apodaca (SD-48)
• Sen. Chad Barefoot (SD-18)
• Sen. Tamara Barringer (SD-17)
• Sen. Phil Berger (SD-26)
• Sen. Dan Blue (SD-14)
• Sen. Andrew Brock (SD-34)
• Sen. Harry Brown (SD-6)
• Sen. Ben Clark (SD-21)
• Sen. David Curtis (SD-44)
• Sen. Jim Davis (SD-50)
• Sen. Joel Ford (SD-38)
• Sen. Rick Gunn (SD-24)
• Sen. Kathy Harrington (SD-43)
• Sen. Fletcher Hartsell (SD-36)
• Sen. Ralph Hise (SD-47)
• Sen. Brent Jackson (SD-10)
• Sen. Michael Lee (SD-9)
• Sen. Gene McLaurin (SD-25)
• Sen. Wesley Meredith (SD-19)
• Sen. Bill Rabon (SD-8)
• Sen. Bob Rucho (SD-39)
• Sen. Dan Soucek (SD-45)
• Sen. Jeff Tarte (SD-41)
• Sen. Tommy Tucker (SD-35)
• Sen. Trudy Wade (SD-27)

North Carolina House:
• Rep. Dean Arp (HD-69)
• Rep. Marilyn Avila (HD-40)
• Rep. John Bell (HD-10)
• Dan Bishop (HD-104)
• Rep. John Blust (HD-62)
• John Bradford (HD-98)
• Rep. Bill Brawley (HD-103)
• Rep. William Brisson (HD-22)
• Rep. Brian Brown (HD-9)
• Rep. Rob Bryan (HD-88)
• Rep. Rick Catlin (HD-20)
• Rep. Jeff Collins (HD-25)
• Rep. Debra Conrad (HD-74)
• Rep. Leo Daughtry (HD-26)
• Rep. Nelson Dollar (HD-36)
• Rep. Ken Goodman (HD-66)
• Rep. Mike Hager (HD-112)
• Rep. Ed Hanes (HD-72)
• Rep. Craig Horn (HD-68)
• Rep. Julia Howard (HD-79)
• Rep. David Lewis (HD-53)
• Rep. Susan Martin (HD-8)
• Rep. Pat McElraft (HD-13)
• Rep. Tim Moffitt (HD-116)
• Rep. Tim Moore (HD-111)
• Rep. Tom Murry (HD-41)
• Rep. Edgar Starnes (HD-87)
• Rep. John Szoka (HD-45)
• Rep. John Torbett (HD-108)
• Rep. Paul Tine (HD-6)
• Rep. Ken Waddell (HD-46)
• Rep. Roger West (HD-120)

Elections will be held on Tuesday, November 4.