The North Carolina Chamber and its members understand the importance of electing strong and courageous leaders to legislative office. That means investing resources and mobilizing employer members and local chamber partners to reach millions of employees. The ultimate goal is to secure and expand the bipartisan Business Caucus in the North Carolina General Assembly.

North Carolina is a battleground state, as evidenced by recent elections. North Carolina’s “purple state” status contributes to the rapid increase in campaign costs. State legislative campaigns now cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, with some races even topping the million dollar mark in 2012 (for a job that pays $14,000 annually).

Help us secure North Carolina’s future. Invest in NC Chamber Voter Education to fund projects such as How They Voted, educating employers, employees and voters across the state on North Carolina’s Jobs Agenda and where legislators stand. Policy trumps politics, but the North Carolina Chamber is in the political fight in order to bring good jobs to North Carolina.