The Business Advocate

is a bi-weekly e-newsletter sent year-round featuring vital business-related updates from Raleigh and Washington, D.C., and details about the Chamber’s advocacy efforts and upcoming events. It is a summary that quickly identifies the major things members and business-minded folks would care about that pertains to North Carolina.

Federation Insider

is a publication sent only to Chamber Federation members, our local chamber chambers of commerce who have aligned with the North Carolina Chamber.

This Week at the Capital

is emailed every Friday to members during NC legislative sessions. It features legislative activity from the capital city and includes a competitiveness update on bills from the Chamber’s advocacy agenda. It’s a weekly roundup of what’s currently happening to bills that business cares about.

Issue & Action Alerts

are breaking news alerts are real-time email alerts sent to members with 1) the latest state and/or federal news and 2) calls to action so you can help influence policymakers on issues important to you and your business. Members, tell us your specific areas of interest and we’ll only send you alerts based on your preferences – Sign up today!

Political Insider

is a monthly email sent during political season that provides updates on political activities, candidate information, the Chamber’s elections efforts and more!

President’s Memo

is a weekly email sent exclusively to Chamber Cornerstone Members from Chamber President Lew Ebert, featuring the state’s movers and shakers in business, the Chamber’s work behind the scenes and links to other Chamber publications from that week.

NC In Focus

is a bi-weekly report that makes sure we’re on track to a better, brighter future that is outlined in the North Carolina Chamber’s Vision 2030: A Plan for Accelerating Job Growth & Securing North Carolina’s Future.

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