The North Carolina Chamber Federation & The Chamber Grassroots Alliance

The North Carolina Chamber has aligned with several local chambers across the state to provide you with a membership in both organizations. This alliance brings you more benefits than ever before and works to protect your business interests at home and at the state capital.

The North Carolina Chamber Federation is a coalition of the state chamber and local chambers. An extension of the Federation is the Chamber Grassroots Alliance, an advocacy partnership for small businesses in North Carolina, companies with 10 employees or fewer, which are members of their local chambers. Its purpose is to empower small businesses and engage them in advocacy and political action to increase their collective power in the state legislature.

At the federal and state levels, advocacy groups – such as the North Carolina Chamber’s federal affiliates, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and the National Association of Manufacturers – use this grassroots tool with powerful results, and the North Carolina Chamber will not achieve its full potential without harnessing the strength of the thousands of businesses and millions of employees represented by the Chamber Federation. Federation members also have more influence in the state legislature through direct input into the process of building the North Carolina Chamber’s member-driven, pro-jobs legislative competitiveness agenda.

List of Chamber Federation Members