Competitive business climate Highlighted PillarNorth Carolina businesses foot a large portion of the bill to provide health insurance coverage to citizens and families across the state, and they need predictability in the health care market in order to manage the costs of coverage. However, amidst a changing health care landscape, North Carolina is failing to provide that predictability, and as a result, many North Carolina job creators cite health care costs as the number-one factor threatening their profitability.

The North Carolina Chamber believes the solution to North Carolina’s health care challenge lies in a coordinated, comprehensive approach to health insurance that encourages alignment between the various stakeholders along the health care supply chain. By focusing on measuring outcomes to reach a shared definition for the true value of health care, such alignment will help drive North Carolina toward a mutually-beneficial system that boosts predictability throughout the health care supply chain. North Carolina possesses the knowledge, talent and leadership needed to make this idea a reality, and the NC Chamber is committed to working with other state leaders to set a new national standard for value-based health care in our state.