Education and talent supply Highlighted PillarIn our modern globalized landscape, where North Carolina competes for top talent with economies from around the world, our state must step up its game to ensure we continue to fill the new jobs being created by our high-powered business climate. To that end, the North Carolina Chamber is committed to supporting effective K-12 public schools that fully prepare students with 21st-century career-training opportunities, and which sync up with world-class community college and university systems to produce a globally competitive workforce in North Carolina and secure our position as a pioneering state in cutting-edge innovation.

The NC Chamber Education Committee’s Education Vision Plan is focused on reshaping the dialogue around this issue. Our primary aim is to identify new ways to get job creators playing a more active role in aligning the goals of our state’s strong education systems with the needs of its rapidly evolving modern workforce. Together with other forward-thinking state leaders, we plan to harness the collective power of the unified business community to give North Carolina’s students the opportunities they need today to make sure we grow into the number one place to find world-class talent in tomorrow’s global economy.