North Carolina HR Compliance Guides

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Our North Carolina HR Compliance Guides can help you steer clear of costly lawsuits and legal fees. With all of the essential information in one place, you’ll be equipped with the tools you need to quickly handle the day-to-day HR issues that come up at every business.

The Guides Are Just the Beginning.

With our compliance guides, you’ll get quality publications with advice from top attorneys. We recommend starting with the North Carolina Human Resources Library, the most comprehensive North Carolina guide we have (available in print, online subscription, or both).

You can use this guide for day-to-day HR and advice, to build your employee handbook, find sample policies, maintain labor law compliance, and more.

But that’s just the start; you also get access to the HR Dashboard, the place to view & search publications, see recent updates, get caught up on HR news and find upcoming events on topical issues.

Online publications also come with access to Periodic Content Updates, Labor Law Alerts, and the HR Update Newsletter from the hrsimple editorial team. You’ll know anytime we make a change that affects you and your guides will reflect it.

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