The quality of our current and future workforce is increasingly seen as the most important factor in our region’s economic growth and vitality. That’s why the North Carolina Chamber Foundation is launching a regional workforce analysis calledThe State of Our Workforce.

The State of Our Workforce is a regional initiative with statewide ramifications that aims to help stakeholders better understand their workforce challenges by providing data specific to their area. It was launched first as a local study in the Triangle by the Capital Area Workforce Development Board, City of Raleigh, Greater Raleigh Chamber of Commerce, Wake County Economic Development and others. Now, building on the great work of those organizations, the North Carolina Chamber Foundation is scaling the program statewide.

Results of the survey will be used to:

  • Inform policymakers and stakeholders about the realities of workforce development in our region and across the state
  • Improve both short- and long-term hiring needs
  • Develop an effective cradle-to-career talent pipeline
  • Create an efficient structure for ongoing industry feedback

The State of Our Workforce will help identify solutions to close the skills gap and improve the workforce pipeline—which will ensure that companies across North Carolina have the talent they need to succeed. With the data provided from this analysis, we can better align education systems, economic development initiatives, and business needs so our state can continue to grow and thrive.

Click the links below for more information on analyses in regions throughout North Carolina: