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billie_quoteLegislators in North Carolina are elected every two years, which essentially means that they are always running for reelection. This makes it difficult for them to look prospectively – two to 20 years down the road – and effectively plan for the future. Unfortunately, it also means that we live in a world where good politics frequently trumps good policy. The North Carolina business community wants to see that formula reversed.

The North Carolina Chamber Foundation will provide businesses of all sizes and types the “Change Management System” and real-world tools necessary to help shape and secure North Carolina’s future, and make our state among the best places in the world for job retention, job creation, business climate and quality of life.

Your company’s investment in the North Carolina Chamber Foundation will propel the development of a Long-term Policy Center and North Carolina Scorecard to:

  • Proactively deliver pro-business solutions for North Carolina’s most daunting economic challenges to effectively produce meaningful outcomes.
  • Drive implementation of NC Vision 2030 – A Plan for Accelerating Job Growth & Securing North Carolina’s Future, developed with the involvement of top North Carolina business leaders, local chambers of commerce and key stakeholders.
  • Promote accountability, transparency and clear metrics key for measuring progress that is accessible to citizens, politicians, associations, universities and anyone who has an Internet-enabled device.

Invest in the NC Chamber Foundation > Invest in Your Future

brett_quoteToday, you have an opportunity to help accelerate job growth and secure North Carolina’s future by transforming the North Carolina Chamber Foundation into a solutions-producing, progress-tracking catalyst for real change that will benefit all North Carolinians.

To provide funding for the North Carolina Chamber Foundation’s Long-term Policy Center, focused on pro-business solutions to our state’s most pressing economic problems, implementing Vision 2030 – A Plan for Accelerating Jobs and Securing North Carolina’s Future, and developing the North Carolina Scorecard to track progress, please contact:

Jim Simpson, CAE
President, North Carolina Chamber Foundation
(919) 836-1420