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ICYMI: NC Can Open a Pipeline to New Industry

Last week, David Fountain, North Carolina president of Duke Energy and NC Chamber chair, penned an op-ed published in The News & Observer highlighting the Atlantic Coast Pipeline’s ability to strengthen North Carolina’s economic development. Entitled “NC can open a pipeline to new industry,” the piece makes the case for the pipeline, arguing that North Carolina must ready its infrastructure…

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ICYMI: Self-Driving Trucks Get Closer to Hitting the Road

In case you missed it, I wanted to share this Law 360 article with you. Published last month, Lawrence Hamilton, David Whitestone and Joel Roberson of Holland & Knight LLP explore the future of autonomous commercial trucks in “Self-Driving Trucks Get Closer to Hitting the Road.” Covering recent developments, potential impacts, safety benefits and other considerations, this piece provides a…

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After FERC Approval of Atlantic Coast Pipeline, Anti-Growth Groups Target Manufacturing

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline (ACP) is one step closer to providing the reliable delivery of low-cost natural gas supplies to portions of eastern North Carolina after the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) approved the Certificate of Public Convenience and Necessity for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline. As Lynn Good, Duke Energy’s Chairman, President and Chief Executive Officer, described, “FERC’s approval is…

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NC’s Ports are Improving State’s Competitiveness

Several months ago, we published “Moving at the Speed of Business” in the Triangle, Triad and Charlotte Business Journals, which outlined upcoming transportation infrastructure projects and their impact on business. One project highlighted was the Queen City Express and the many improvements taking shape at the North Carolina Ports Authority to make North Carolina more competitive. Since its publication, the…

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NC Must Build Upon Infrastructure Improvements

It’s never good to see North Carolina grouped among the worst states in the nation in a competitive ranking. Unfortunately, a recent 24/7 Wall St. ranking had North Carolina as one of 15 “states that are falling apart.” The ranking details how each state’s roads in poor condition, deficient bridges, dams at risk and highway spending stacks up against the…

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Queen City Express Makes First Trip

50%. That’s the number of millennials in the United States that failed to demonstrate proficient literacy in 2015. Considering millennials make up the largest generation in the country’s workforce, that’s a scary number. It’s no wonder job creators are battling a growing skills gap. If half of the largest talent pool can’t perform basic job functions and employers can’t fill…

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Latest Environmental Report Moves the Atlantic Coast Pipeline Forward

After a rigorous three-year review process, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) recently released its Final Environmental Impact Statement on the Atlantic Coast Pipeline, giving the project a favorable review. After an exhaustive review of more than 150,000 pages of regulatory filings and more than 75,000 public comments, this report addresses all environmental and safety concerns and demonstrates the unprecedented…

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NC Needs the Atlantic Coast Pipeline

As North Carolina continues growing, so too does the state’s energy needs. In order to power our competitive economy in the coming decades, North Carolina must have the necessary infrastructure in place to produce efficient, low-cost energy. Unfortunately, North Carolina’s lack of natural gas pipelines has proven to impede competitiveness as industries overlooked the state due to an inadequate supply…

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Saving Workers’ Compensation Reforms from Decimation

Courtesy of a recent North Carolina Supreme Court ruling, the workers’ compensation reforms achieved in 2011 are on the verge of total decimation. In a major blow to North Carolina’s business community, the state Supreme Court unraveled the balanced reforms with the most dramatic changes to workers’ compensation since the 1980’s. The consequences of this decision are steep as it…

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Moving at the Speed of Business

By 2030, North Carolina is expected to become home to more than 12 million residents, making it the seventh most populous state in the country. With this growth comes opportunity, but first we must ask: Are we ready? When it comes to the state’s transportation and infrastructure networks, the answer is no. While legislative leaders have made strides investing in…

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